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Gain visibility of your assets beyond enterprise perimeters. Identify the threat before the attack. Remove digital risks. Mitigate the impact.

Mantis is the number one tool for threat identification.
Brand Protection
Digital transformation and the shift to the home office have left traditional security tools with no visibility into new threats.
Proactive Security
Protect critical digital assets through threat intelligence, with intervention against impersonation from Brand, data leakage, social media threats, account takeover and other digital risks.
We understand the Brazilian scenario of attacks
Mantis focuses on digital fraud occurring in the Brazilian market, involving national companies, unlike market solutions whose focus is not Brazil.

It's incredibly challenging to keep track of the data your company is exposing.

And if exposure across all layers of the internet goes unchecked, it can cause real costs to business.

Mantis is the solution that keeps watch over the entire technological ocean, from the surface to the dark web. It protects against external threats by continuously monitoring and detecting exposed assets, providing context for understanding risk, and intervening against abuses such as Brand impersonation, social media threats, account takeover and other digital risks.

Differentials of Mantis.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the technology that gives Mantis the ability to discover what a detected mention or event means, whether in visual or audio form. By dealing with the nuances of human or natural language, such as misspellings, slang or informal terms, it enables the understanding of social engineering contexts, machine translation in multiple languages and also negative sentiments in messages. This helps contextualize the malicious intent behind a cybercriminal's action.

Image reading and audio transcription


If attack conversations detected in private messaging channels and dark web forums did not occur through text, but rather through images and audio exchanges, Mantis scans and transcribes the content, in deep monitoring of Brand assets. This is also done in relation to domain registrations, social media accounts, and email for company and product names/images, in situations of fraudulent claims, advertisements, and credential harvesting attacks.

Monitoring of issued SSL certificates


Mantis monitors domains signed by the major certificate authorities, allowing the company to identify potential malicious sites using the names or domains similar to your business. It is a potential engine for identifying phishing with newly issued SSL certificates.

Automated mobile app analysis


Digital initiatives that rely on the increased use of mobile devices are increasing the size of the exploitable attack surface. This is why automatic mobile app analysis functionality is so important. Mantis can identify weaknesses exposed within mobile apps within Google Play, such as keys, API URLs, passwords, and sensitive information points.


Turn information into intelligence for your business

And you can automatically target and analyze threats that enter an organization's public attack surface, reducing operation time.

Reduction of manual work

Let Mantis do the heavy lifting.

360° visibility

Mantis monitors sources where criminals are active.

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"Digital risk protection services improve an organization's ability to detect, prioritize and respond to online threats wherever digital assets are exposed and at risk."

- Gartner's 2020 Emerging Technologies Report: Critical Insights into Digital Risk Protection Services